Contemporary Kitchens

“Square straight lines give a fluid finish while creating a crispness”

The contemporary kitchen is a sleek and unadorned space, long straight lines give a fluid finish while creating a crispness, often bench-tops have a square edged profile with either a modern handle for doors or a handle free style, Kitchens of this design are suited to most new homes and offer a modern fresh feel to any newly renovate home.

Modern Kitchens

“A combination of natural and man-made products brings warmth and style”

The modern kitchen focuses on clean lines and function. This style is focussed on cutting down clutter and creating functional workspaces designed around the elements of cooking undertaken. A combination of natural and man-made products bring warmth and style to the space, this combination gives a timeless finish that will be adored for the life of the kitchen.

Traditional Kitchens

“The Traditional style harnesses the customer’s surroundings and brings those décors into the kitchen design”

The Traditional kitchen encompasses many styles and finishes and doesn’t lean heavily towards a particular “style” the traditional design is tailored to the customer’s surroundings and uses a mixture of natural and engineered products The need to bring the outdoors in to represent this style means the space will include natural materials on the floors, in the cabinetry and with furnishings.

French Provincial

“It has evolved from focusing on decorative luxury”

The French provincial look has its roots in the mid to late 1700s, as people in various provinces in France began to emulate the lavish furnishings adorning châteaux and estates. It has evolved from focusing primarily on decorative luxury, to a warm and welcoming style that incorporates marble, carved timber, engineered stones and moulded doors. The provincial style is warm and inviting with a high degree of detail in the finer finishes ensuring it’s the focal piece of any home.